We specialise in Irish Linen Clothing and have expanded from out base throughout the UK and other English Speaking markets. It became well known within our industry that Russia was a market that should be looked into. We comissioned Exportto to assess the Russian perception of our products and thus aid us in our market positioning. With the valuable information Exportto provided we were able to develop an ‘Irish-Russian’ style range. Within a year our range was being distributed in over a dozen outlets and we have received a grant to show at Russia’s Fashion Week

Managing Director, Fashion Design/Manufacture Business

The UK has very few producers of products such as ours and most products are imported. We took on Exportto to do a pre-entry market/competitor analysis and to find us potential partners in the UK. They also helped us target our range appropriately. In 2007 our UK sales were in the region of Half a million Euro’s.

Managing Director, Catering Equipment Business

We provide highly advanced SMS systems and became aware that the UAE was one of the fastest growing communications markets. Before entering the market we comissioned Exportto to do a market assessment and to develop a strategy to allow speedy entry into the market. They provided us with both potential re-sellers and direct sales. Our 1st Year sales were over 150% of our targets.

Managing Director, IT Telecommunications Company