Sales and Marketing Assistance

Export To UK can support your business or expansion into the valuable markets of The UK and Western Europe by creating a tailored sales & marketing campaign to fit your budget, and meet your objectives.

As part of Exportto, Export To UK is ideally positioned to work with you to develop a best practice sales & marketing strategy for your business that is:-

  • Affordable
  • Practical
  • Measurable
  • Can be implemented
  • You can see a payback from it

Being completely independent and unbiased we are well placed to assess your current strategy, challenge it, suggest how you can improve it and set about guiding you forward.

We benchmark you with your competitors, and your suppliers with your competitors suppliers. Your people, systems and structure all come in to the equation. We deliver back to you a customer focused sales & marketing team aligned with your strategic goals and long term Vision

We give you access to proven skills and strategies that we have used to grow clients business by 50-250% per annum They’re powerful, leading edge and when we implement them together, they will contribute hugely to the success of your business in The UK and Western Europe.

Ten areas that Export To UK will address to ensure your success in The UK and nearby markets:

1) Markets

How much do you really know about your current markets and how they compare or contrast with your future potential market in The UK? Why do your customers buy from you now?
Does this apply in The UK? What could you offer that would attract more non-customers? How can you sell to more of the profitable customers? If you add features or services, will people pay more for them or will they attract more customers? Are there bulk, institutional, industrial, or corporate markets beyond your normal channels that you are ignoring? Which, if any of these, apply in The The UK?

2) Competition

Who are they and why are they better, worse or just different to you? What is the overall market trend and how are you holding up in terms of market share and profit position? How do you really rank against competitors? What substitutes are there to your products and how much of a threat are they?

3) Distribution

How can you get your products/services out to customers in The UK profitably? Are there unbranded opportunities? Can you bundle in your products with someone else’s?

4) Supply Chain

Will you be at the mercy of distributors/manufacturers in The UK for your raw materials or product components? How can you manage suppliers and gain more buying power over them? Can you simplify your products and reduce your supply needs? Can you buy in bulk and store them somewhere in a cost effective manner? Can you buy some things pre-fabricated cheaper than doing it yourself (or vice versa)?

Positioning and Targets

Where do your products/services fall in relation to the total market? Is this truly the position you want? Are you “all things to all people,” or should you move more toward a high-end position (charging a premium for a differentiated service), or a low-cost position (undercutting others’ prices but at a profit, due to high efficiency)?

Breaking sales and marketing into discrete elements lets us examine your sales and marketing elements separately and decide which areas to concentrate on to create an effective marketing strategy.

6) Promotion

What promotion tools make the most sense to promote your products yet are consistent with the marketing image you want to project? How do we calculate a return on the investment? Is promotion on the Internet effective? Export To UK has market leading SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) professionals who will work with you to deliver outstanding results.

7) Pricing

What is the correct pricing strategy for The UK and neighbouring markets? Does variable pricing make sense for different markets, perishable products, or time-based sales processes, or various customer types? Are you charging for everything you do?

8) Service Delivery

How well and how consistently will you be able to deliver/produce your products/services in The UK? What people problems must be addressed? Will people be adequately trained in their overall role and mission, not just the mechanics of their job? We will help you to know if your customer service is satisfactory, and how you can use reported poor service situations to build customer loyalty

Export to The UK has access to Exportto interim key account management services. If you secure new customers in The UK, we can help you to support, service and keep them.

9) Strategy

We can help you to build customer loyalty. How to increase sales to existing customers (more frequent use or buys, selling a broader product line to them) or new customers (existing and new products). How you can penetrate into new areas profitably.

10) Management

What risks exist today and which are on the horizon? What is the likelihood and impact of each? How can you reduce both? Are there alliances that make sense? Are there The UK trade groups you should be in? Are there natural ties that no one is exploiting?

To find out more about how Export To UK can help your business, please fill out our contact form.