Market Entry Strategy

If you believe that you have the right product or service to sell into The UK and the huge markets of Western Europe then Export To UK is here to guide you to international success.

Export To UK can help you to:-
    • Minimise the up front investment.
    • Overcome the need for high additional fixed costs.
    • Develop a market entry strategy that will enable you to avoid making costly or even dangerous overseas mistakes.
Export To UK can help existing exporters, who wishes to increase their market penetration, or the potential new exporter in the following ways:-
    • Commercial market research, benchmarking you against the local competition and determining whether your point of difference in the your local market remains valid elsewhere. The research is not just desk or web based, your success is our sole aim. We can visit your potential customers and competitors to establish a true and independent picture of the market so that you can base your strategy on hard commercial facts.
    • Work with you to determine the best route to market. Directly, or through agents or distributors? If so, to identify the best potential distributors for you, shortlist them in a meaningful way and assist you in the negotiating process as required.
    • Cultural issues can often slow down or even halt the export process. Export To UK can help you to be prepared for the market so that you are aware of both business and social protocol
    • Skill gap analysis. Can exporting be added to the responsibilities of existing staff? If so what training is necessary? How does this impact on the rest of the business?
    • Practical advice and assistance. How will you be paid? In what currency? How will you carry out credit checks? What delivery method will you use to be most cost effective and what changes will you need to make to your product labelling, packaging or promotional material?
    • Marketing strategy. Export To UK can work with you to optimise your budget through web, print and exhibitions.
    • Grant support. Generous funding is available to potential exporters. Export To UK can guide you through the application process to ensure that you do not miss out on any of the funding opportunities open to you
    • After sales support. Our Interim Key Account Management services puts experienced, multi-lingual sales people at your disposal for as long or as short as you need them.

To find out more about how Export To UK can help your business, please  fill out our contact form.