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Expand into the UK market and find new import partners.

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Penetrate the UK Market

We can help you with your strategic plans to export into the UK market.

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Sell your products Globally

Develop brand awareness and market your products in the international markets.

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Start Exporting to the UK, Western Europe, and other markets in 90 Days

Export to UK is the fast track for you and your business to export into the European markets comprised of the United Kingdom and Ireland and from there on into the huge markets of Western Europe.

Our services are professional, cost effective and friendly. We are local because business is local. Your potential business partners and clients contacted on your behalf in their language, and visited if appropriate by our staff living in The UK to introduce your company.

The fast track to export success for The UK and nearby markets is tailored for each individual client with the aim of placing you in front of your prospective future business partner within 90 days in a way which is tried, tested and proven to be successful.

Export to UK is your commercial resource to fast track your export introduction or export expansion into The United KingdomIreland and surrounding markets

Export to UK are the leading market experts in enabling the fast track market entry for companies wishing to start export business, or increase export business in The United KingdomIreland and Western Europe.

To find out more about how Export To UK can help your business expand into new markets including the UK, EU, Asia and other international markets, please fill out the form below and we will get back to you shortly.

Export TO UK provides paid services and by completing the captcha above you understand that there will be a fee associated with the work required to promote your services or products in foreign markets.

Why work with Export To UK?

Export To UK is dedicated to helping companies overcome the challenges they face, prepare for market entry and profit from the opportunities that The UK has to offer. We have developed a comprehensive range of consultancy services designed to support the specific needs of your business and your strategy.

Our services will help increase your flexibility and optimise your organisation so that you can react to change faster than your competitors, meet customer expectations and win new business.

Analysis of national and corporate cultures: We introduce you to the various cultures in The UK to help build a solid foundation for establishing relations and for doing business in this region.

How do we work?

Our starting point and procedure depend on your situation and objectives. If you are considering setting up a business in The UK we will guide you through the process.

We focus on your specific corporate and national culture, organisation model, leadership style, HR-policies, motivation and reward systems etc., and reconcile these with the equivalents in The UK.

Focus Points

Assessment of key issues for Exporting to The UK, allowing us to identify the criteria for your strategy to succeed. These criteria will serve as guidelines throughout the process:-

    • Identification of business partners.
    • Current strategy, critical success factors and available resources.
    • Creation of networks with other companies, institutions and individuals, who could contribute to your success.

External Assessment:

    • Analysis of major opportunities and threats and the positioning of your company.
    • Identification of a relevant, local workforce and multi-cultural workforce. We focus on the development of cross- cultural team effectiveness and co-operation to gain a common understanding.
Internal Assessment:

Possibly you are not aware of all your company’s strengths and weaknesses. This is often the case with issues very close to us and these issues are often visible to competitors, clients and even to employees. We assess your key strengths and weaknesses as perceived by different stakeholders and reconcile the differences

By this point we will have gathered the necessary knowledge about you, your values, your goals and your company culture. Combining this with our insight, experience and expertise in The UK, we have a solid foundation of knowledge to determine the best way forward for you and your business.

To find out more about how Export To can help your business, please fill out our contact form.